The SBI! Urban Myths

Keeping It Real...

Over the past 15+ years, Solo Build It! (SBI!) has built a worldwide reputation for enabling solopreneurs to build profitable online businesses, starting "from scratch." SBI! has grown from a specialty product into a complete step-by-step process with tools, community guidance, updating, and support to enable solopreneurs to focus on the only thing that matters... building their business.

Along the way, Solo Build It! has attracted many urban myths (inaccurate stories that are repeated by those who claim to "know," but who do not check the facts).

We take the presence of urban myths as a compliment. To summarize and paraphrase Winston Churchill, Seth Godin, Bob Dylan and other prominent philosophers and world-changers...

"Be remarkable and make an impact. Do it right, and expect
to spark both criticism and passionate support."

Urban myths do not exist about average products.

However, they can create confusion. Worse, untruths can damage a hard-earned reputation.

BEWARE! What do you do when you can't beat the best? One company's affiliates write fake reviews about SBI!. And then? They recommend their product — no proof of success, of course. If this wasn't so sneaky, we'd be flattered. Beware of this dirty trick — it cuts your chances of high-traffic success by 97%!

The Best Answer to All Urban Myths?

The best answer to urban myths is a question...

"Is Solo Build It! right for you?"

The surest way for you to know is to try it, especially if...

  • you are new to all this, or
  • you are internet-savvy but have not yet managed to build a growing, profitable online business.

Skip the dubious origins of, and reasons for, urban myths. Use the Money-Back Guarantee to turn your "purchase" into a 90 day, zero-risk Test Drive.

By using it yourself, you'll know.

The Myths

Let's take a look at the most frequently seen Solo Build It! (SBI!) urban myths... and the facts that dispel them.

Myth #1) Everybody's Doing Blogging. Why Shouldn't I Join the Crowd?

Many people are looking to the Internet nowadays to make money. Since blogs are cheap and simple to start (free blog-building software and $100/year hosting) and because "everybody's doing it," they think a blog must be the best and easiest way to build a small business online.

There are even companies that will host your blog for free. But this is a serious mistake. Ultimately, your business is exposed to changes in rules, a decision to terminate the service, etc. Check the agreement. You'll find your risk is high and your future is out of your hands.

Blogs are essentially a "one-to-many" platform through which bloggers share the latest news and/or their views. But most blogs are unvisited and fail.

Only a few exceptional people have the time, talent and inclination to blog frequently enough to become a high-traffic "news center" of their particular area of interest (e.g.,, or to be known as a creative commentator (e.g.,

Aside from that, blogging and hosting only cover 1 out of the 10 steps necessary to build a profitable online business. The next time you see this myth...

  1. Ask the blogger to put a price (in time and money) on finding, locating, and buying all these business-building tools that come included in Solo Build It!.
  2. Look for proof of success like SBI!'s. You won't find it.

Remember, too, with most blogging, only one person writes all the content. You!

Enter SBI!'s Content 2.0...

You give a voice to like-minded people with the same passion. Instead of mere comments about what you wrote (maybe), everyday people with the same passion create full web pages, real content, for you.

With built-in viral features, the word spreads and your visitors tell others, who tell others, who tell even more others and more pages are added, more comments are made and your business expands more rapidly through less effort of your own.

  • Visitors create thousands of pages for it.
  • It handles all the magic underneath (e.g., it ensures that search engines know about all new pages).
  • Other features help the viral word spread.

Solo Build It!'s free Content 2.0 module is like having low-maintenance super-blogging.

Instead of writing endless, labor-intensive blog posts, run your own "niche version" of a combination of Facebook/YouTube/Twitter. Turn it over to your visitors and watch your business expand.

Conclusion? The topic of "blogging vs. building" is a big one. But once you break out of the rush to blogging and analyze your options, the choice becomes obvious...

For most people, for many reasons, Solo Build It! is the best way to build a business online.

Myth #2) You Can Get It All for Free

There are people who declare that you can get everything that's included in Solo Build It!... for free. If they truly knew SBI!, they would know it's not true.

There is simply no way this can be true, not if you're serious about building a long-term, growing, profitable online business.

Of course, it's theoretically possible (with great effort) to gather some of what's in Solo Build It! for free...

  • follow many marketing experts, blogs and news for their free information (much will be contradictory and most have something to sell)
  • use free hosting, with its dangers outlined above
  • try free keyword tools (e.g., Google's, which was designed for advertisers, not content creators, and so does not deliver all the right data you need)
  • decide not to offer visitors a newsletter and other useful features
  • and so on and so on.

But you cannot scour the internet and assemble a set of tools with the quality and usefulness of SBI!, not for free. Not even for many times the price of SBI!.

Instead, explore the sites of marketing experts who make this claim. Invariably, while they claim "free or cheap," they switch that bait to promote or sell some other product that costs as much or more than Solo Build It!. It's often of poor quality, and you have not begun to have all that you truly need, if you want to build a serious business, not play some short-term money game.

Solo Build It! just keeps getting bigger and better with constant updates, upgrades and new tools that employ the latest technology. SBIers receive none of the usual technological headaches.

And all of SBI! continues to come at no price increase since SBI!'s launch 17 years ago. Instead of "you can get it all for free," here's the real issue to ponder... "What Has Your Small Business Web Host or Service Provider Done for You Lately?

Summary? The irony here is that the "experts" who spread this myth usually promote other tools that cost way more than Solo Build It! and don't offer a fraction of all that SBI! offers.

Myth #3) SBI! Is Only for Newbies

"Solo Build It! is ideal for the Internet beginner." That statement is absolutely true.

But it's really for anyone who has yet to succeed online.

Many "theory-savvy" people can't turn their Web knowledge into an income-generating business. That's why many very successful Solo Build It! members ("SBIers") started with SBI! as well-seasoned internet marketers.

When they succeed, they not only fall in love with Solo Build It!. They love how SBI! automates the most tedious site-managing tasks, how it allows them the time to build their business.

Long gone are their days when they had to piece together bits of information, find all the necessary tools from many different vendors, keep up-to-date from countless experts and find the right forum to (they hope) answer their questions.

Yes, even the rawest "newbie" can succeed with Solo Build It!. You don't need to hunt down plugins and you never update SBI! because we do that, all without causing any headaches for you!

SBI! keeps getting better without you doing a thing. But that "do it all for you" simplicity does not mean it's only for newbies.

Most power-users try Solo Build It! because they had yet to succeed online in a significant way. Once they start with Solo Build It!, they come to the SBI! Forums and ask rhetorically...

"Why did I wait so long?"

While Solo Build It! is perfect for those who are new to the concept of online business (even those who can barely search and get email), it's not only for them. Many "theory-smart" but "business-failure" people have turned their businesses around with SBI!.

Myth #4) SBI! Is Just Expensive Web Hosting

This myth is often used by either...

  • those who have not read enough to understand what's included in Solo Build It!
  • affiliates who want to earn a commission from one of the large Web hosts.

Web hosts give you some hard disk storage, bandwidth, scripts that you have to install, and a "good luck." They're happy to collect your $8-10/month (about $100/year) while you're left to figure it all out.

Solo Build It! is so much more than a Web host. For just $20/month more, you receive a unique combination of process, tools, updating, and unlimited help by SiteSell and the legendary SBI! Forums. In short...

We teach you how to actually succeed and
provide all you need to do exactly that.

SBI!'s process (explained in written, video and mobile Action Guides) and the updating of info and upgrading of tools are more than worth the difference in price.

  • So is Brainstorm It! (comparable services cost more than all of SBI!).
  • So is Content 2.0 (unique, only SBI! offers this).
  • The autoresponder and newsletter service? You could pay hundreds just for this!

Those are just 3 more examples. The same is true for so many more of SBI!'s tools.

Meanwhile, back in the world of regular Web hosting, whether you blog or build a "regular" website...

As soon as you buy just one tool to supplement your regular Web hosting, you will have spent more money than for SBI! (without receiving the process, all the other tools, the updating, and the guidance).

Think of it this way. You could have had all the rest of SBI! for free. For less than free, actually.

For most people, SBI! is not only the best way to build a profitable online business, it is, by far, the least expensive one, too (when you compare apples to apples).

Even though SBI! hosts your online business as a part of the product, it can hardly be called a Web host. Think of SBI! as the complete do-it-yourself program that takes you from concept to execution to success...

The step-by-step-by-step plan of action and all the tools needed, not to mention the constant updating, let you focus on your business. SBI! has been creating Web success stories for over 10 years! Check out these real-life, real-time case studies.

Myth #5) SBI! Is Not Dynamic or Interactive

Critics mix up "dynamic" with "interactive." Blogs are not dynamic, either. ("Dynamic" means that the page delivers different content depending on particular circumstances.)

What they really mean by "interactive" is having blog-type commenting. Well...

Only the really well written, popular or controversial blog posts get comments. But the nature of commenting is "here today, gone tomorrow."

Blog posts need comments, but evergreen web pages do not. And that's what Solo Build It! creates. In general, comments add little "content value," no additional search engine results.

That said, SBI! has released a module called "Socialize It!" that seamlessly brings social media marketing to SBI!. One of the sub-modules, Face It!, enables SBI! sites to have up to 3 different Facebook "Like" buttons (with different functions) in different locations on a page (this is unique functionality that no one else offers).

It also offers Facebook commenting. Yes, you can add commenting to every page of your SBI! site. Those who use Facebook use it frequently for commenting. They're used to commenting. This pushes SBI! into whole new territory.

This type of commenting is viral. It spreads word about an SBI! site to friends automatically. And Google spiders and indexes these comments now, so it's content, too!

Now, not only is SBI! evergreen, its comment-functionality pushes it beyond that of blogging with its style of commenting.

"Interactivity" is greatly over-rated. But not when you have Facebook powering the ability to make a comment on an evergreen page that a visitor has enjoyed. There's viral power in even the mundane "I really enjoyed this page" or "Your site is outstanding." Comments are no longer "locked up." They spread.

Myth #6) SBI! Is "Clunky"

We live in a funny world. Many people, it seems, would rather use a slick tool and fail, than use a clunky one that turns out profitable online businesses at unmatched rates.

The original sitebuilder, called BlockBuilder ("BB1," as easy as stacking blocks), was not as slick as some builders back in the day. That didn't stop SBIers from outperforming other solopreneurs by a wide margin. "The days of clunky" were a long time ago...

BlockBuilder 2 & SiteDesigner bring SBI! sites to the cutting edge of modern site design.

No need for a designer, SBI! includes dozens of templates to make your business beautiful. All site designs (and all items within them) can be customized easily using simple, familiar tools.

Our goal for BB2 was not to match existing sitebuilders (also called "CMS" for "content management system"). It was to leapfrog them all. We took the best of all that was out there, then simplified it down and added some unique functionality to make the best sitebuilder.

BB2 is simply best-of-breed... sleek, quick, fun-to-use and loaded with features to make content-creating fun and fast.

And it's not just BB2 itself that's sleek and modern. It's the sites that are created. BB2 pushes design to a whole new level of "modern design with ease," including sharp CSS-driven fully responsive designs.

And here's the most important point. SBI! comes with 85+ tools and sub-modules. BB2 is just one part of everything you need to build an online business (not just a site or blog). For example...

Brainstorm It! is a top-of-line keyword research tool, specifically designed for those who are creating content-based online businesses. This is not for advertisers. It gives you the info you need to pick the right niche and build the perfect site.

Brainstorm It! and other tools are cutting-edge-sharp and sleek.

The entire SBI! approach is unique. It gets unmatched results. Today's Site Designer is as slick as it gets. And the business results are even slicker!

Myth #7) SBI! Sites Are Unattractive
(or "Old-Fashioned," or "So 90s" or even "Ugly")

This one is silly, a leftover of Myth #6, but like the most persistent of urban myths, it hangs in there.

As we've seen above, today's Solo Build It! delivers state-of-the-Web stunning designs.

Do you prefer to create and upload your own HTML? Good news, you can! Pick from over one hundred free and gorgeous SBI! templates. Or use (free or paid) templates from any third-party template provider in the world. No limits to what you can achieve.

So where does this myth come from? History. When SBI! first launched, it offered "looks" with minimal customization options. Designers turned their noses up at this.

SBIers, though, focused on building businesses. So even back then, they built more traffic than those HTML and image experts. Way more. And here's the important part...

They still do.

Is it still possible to create a plain-looking site nowadays?

Absolutely! Many SBIers who receive thousands of visitors per day have never bothered to upgrade their sites' looks. Others use the new Site Designer tools to customize them beautifully.

To each his/her own!

Myth #8) SBI! Is Outdated

Solo Build It! is based upon evergreen principles that will never be outdated. Over the past 17 years, it has been constantly modified, dropping what became out-of-date, adding what's new and important.

And SBI! has a long history of "business firsts"...

  • first automated creation of sitemap XML files
  • the world's first smart brainstorming, niche-picking and keyword-researching tool (still the smartest, and getting smarter)
  • the first integration of RSS into sites, effectively squeezing the best of blogging into SBI! sites, giving them fast and wide distribution
  • first (and still the only) software that enables visitors to create full content pages, building and integrating them into your site optimally.

It does not matter if you have no idea what those mean, by the way. SBIers know how to use them and you will, too, without worrying about "the techie stuff." Far from "outdated"...

SBI! keeps SBIers one step ahead of the competition, in terms of both information and tools. SBIers have the most advanced system in the world. They do not have to lift a finger for the edge that keeps them ahead. They focus instead on building their businesses.

The Internet is full of "noise" screaming about the latest and greatest. That daily fire-hose of information would consume much of your day to keep up. All those voices can be confusing, and may lead you down expensive paths to nowhere, wasting too much valuable time and money.

SBI! boils all that "what's hot" noise down to a few key nuggets of information that you actually need (it also deletes outdated information). At the same time, frequent upgrades to the suite of tools and documentation keep you and your business on the cutting edge. SBI! constantly evolves to meet your needs.

Far from being "outdated," SBI! has a long list of "firsts" and continues to keep SBIers ahead. Those who claim otherwise simply do not know SBI!. Or they want to sell you something inferior.

Myth #9) You Only Get One Site With SBI!

Web hosts let folks put up unlimited sites under one account. They do so for a simple reason... those sites get no traffic. Any so-called "cheap host" that starts to see significant traffic across multiple sites on the same account will be calling... for a price increase.

This "unlimited sites" selling point is proof that the vast majority simply fail. No web host can afford you to have unlimited sites generating high volumes of traffic. Beyond this point, though...

Solo Build It! is about building a real business, not "putting up sites." Some people don't understand what that means. Instead, they keep repeating the mantra, "yeah but you can build 30 blogs (or sites, for that matter) with the single hosting fee of a regular Web host."

This is a statement made by folks who do not understand business. They do not understand that it takes time to build a high-quality content site that grows into an authority site that builds traffic that you convert into income in many ways.

Who has time for 30 of these?

(Imagine someone trying to build 30 offline businesses at the same time. You spread your energy so wide, they're all doomed.)

Some people used to try to "slap up" 30 or 100 of these "mini blogs" or "splogs." After many months of soul-sapping work creating mini-sites (by taking and paraphrasing the work of others), including the creation of fake link networks, Google shut it all down.

Google even banned them from AdSense.

Those persons lost months of work and those 100 sites (at $10 per domain name) were worthless.

But here's the really, really important point...

Building a business simply takes time and true, original effort. SBI! is the only product that gives you all you need to actually do it successfully. But it will always take time to build a business.

You might have time to slap up 100 no-income sites or blogs, yes. But you do not have the time to create 50, 20, 10 or even 2 businesses at the same time.


Build one great business after you use the SBI! tools to find the best one for you and your knowledge, passion, and available time. Build that business until it's doing well and running under its own momentum (especially with Content 2.0).

Then, if you like, start another. That's what many SBIers do.

Myth #10) SBI! Is "Closed"
And You Can't Add Your Own Programming or Other Software

Infin It! is a Solo Build It! module that enables you to plug in stores, membership sites, blogging systems (e.g., WordPress, TypePad, Blogger), forums, wikis, database-driven specialty functionality, or just about any other site software.

Here's the beauty of it... Infin It! lets you plug third-party resources into your site as subdomains of your SBI! site, building that brand that you've worked so hard to develop, instead of sacrificing it.

Think of SBI! as the C T P M engine that no other product delivers. You can plug other modules into that engine to multiply its power or to monetize it.

Myth #11) You Can't Leave or Move Your Site

Some people seem to think that Solo Build It! sites have some special and unique format. They don't. They do get special and unique results, yes, but the pages are typical HTML web pages.

On top of that, your domain name is yours, just like for any website. You own your domain name, your site and its content.

So you can transfer to any other Web host at any time. SiteSell Support provides clear instructions to make the process as smooth as transferring any other site.

Some complain that you lose Brainstorm It! and all the other SBI! tools, if ever you were to leave SBI!. We're not sure we see the problem with that. The same thing happens if you terminate your cable subscription.

So you will, of course, need to piece together third-party products as replacements for Brainstorm It!, Analyze It!, Socialize It!, MailOut Manager and all the other tools. This only emphasizes the value of the SBI! bundle.

Myth #12) SBI! Doesn't "Work"

This myth has a bit of truth in it. Solo Build It! does deliver on its promise of a profitable online business at unmatched rates. No other company or software product comes close.

That does not mean it works for everyone. Nothing can be foolproof. Errors can be made.

And SBI! is not for everyone. It requires work. The process is not for everyone. Some people do not like to follow a process.

So yes, some people do fail for a variety of reasons. Most see the validity of SBI! and try again, learning to adjust. Others never do.

Some of those complain that "SBI! does not work." Fair enough, although we think it's more accurate to say that SBI! cannot make everyone succeed.

SBI! dwarfs everything else if your goal is to build your own profitable online business, one that will impact your future. We can and do confidently promise you that no other product, nothing costing even 10 times as much, gives you as good a chance for success as SBI!.

Myth #13) SBI! Is Too Much Work

There are legitimate reasons why Solo Build It! and a customer might not "fit." We're the first to emphasize that no product is right for everyone. The most common reason is "too much work."

SBI! makes it doable to build a business. It takes less work than any other method because you spend your time on what you know, your business. You waste little time on all the technical and other "Web" hurdles.

However, building a successful business will always take work. Run from anyone who promises otherwise.

Some are not willing to do the work. Others are not willing to work differently. Those who do not prioritize life-changing business success high enough are not right for SBI! (and vice-versa).

You could call this one a "half-myth." For those who do not want to work, SBI! (and any real approach to business-building) is too much work. These people want "Get Rich Quick" products and are destined for much disappointment, because they do not exist.

For motivated people who are ready to work, SBI! delivers. It OVERdelivers. Commit to making today the first day of the rest of your life.

Myth #14) SBI! Is MLM

No, it's not. Solo Build It! (SBI!) members build businesses that generate income in many combinations of dozens of different monetization models, from Google AdSense to selling their own products. This myth is simply wrong.

Proof? Visit this page that lists hundreds of SBI! sites in the Top 1% of all sites on the Web. Notice the wide range of businesses... people selling e-books, services, Google ads and other advertising, etc.

One more thing about that list of Top 1% traffic sites — notice how none of those sites are dedicated to selling SBI!. If they talk about SBI! at all on their site, it's because they are proud to recommend it. But it is not the focus of their businesses.

We have no idea how this myth got started but it's flat out wrong.

Myth #15) SBI! Is a Cult

SBI! members love SBI!. They love what it has empowered them to do. When your life changes because of a product, you tend to love the company and product behind it.

SBI! empowers people, and that creates avid, loyal fans. Are they cult members? No.

This is an unfortunate myth. It degrades what is a very positive phenomenon. It's inevitably spread by those with an axe to grind or a competing product to sell.

Myth #16) SBI! Is a Scam

Unscrupulous competitors flood the internet with fake reviews about "Site Build It scam." These negative SBI! "reviews" are made-on-demand by followers of "gurus" who promote competing products.

They seek to trick you by attracting you to their "reviews" by using our name and then leading you to the products that they promote.

Do not take these reviews seriously. There's just too much proof of success that SBI! OVERdelivers on its promises.

The Site Build It Scam "reviews" resulted from a massive, coordinated campaign by competitors who were selling a system that was ultimately slapped down by Google. SBI! was a threat to those gurus because their system was about tricking Google, exactly the opposite philosophy of SBI!.

The Best Answer to All Urban Myths?

As mentioned earlier, Solo Build It! has a well-deserved, worldwide reputation for enabling people (even those with no Internet knowledge) to build profitable online businesses. Urban myths are inevitable, a form of compliment for a remarkable product.

You have now read the most common urban myths. The best way to cut through them is to do your own investigation, first-hand. In the case of SBI!, ask yourself one simple question...

Is SBI! right for you?

If you already have a significantly profitable, growing online business, the answer is easy. SBI! is not for you. Focus on your business. We would never suggest to anyone to change what's working well for them.

But if you're new to the concept of building a business online, or if you're Internet savvy but not yet successful, try SBI!, risk-free. It's the most direct and sure way to know...

Use the Money-Back Guarantee to turn your "purchase" into a 90-day Test Drive at no risk to you whatsoever. No more myths for you!

Click Here to Order and Start Today, Risk-Free.

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